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With our services, clients enjoy the benefits of overall cost-reduction and increased ROI for their business growth initiatives.


Programs That Support Your Business Growth Initiatives

Cash Grants

Our firm will guide you through the state incentive landscape and provide a complete understanding of how state incentives will help your business overall. We will identify all state incentives programs available to support your business growth initiatives, negotiate with the state on your behalf and secure a state incentive package that will allow you to reduce costs and recognize higher project ROI

End-To-End Program Administration

Our team takes the lead and handles all efforts related to the state incentive process. We are the full-service liaison between our clients and the state. We are the primary contact for all communications with the state, we manage all upfront application submission needs, as well as any in contract negotiations and back-end reconciliation requirements. Our end-to-end program management allows your business to concentrate on what’s important to you, growing your business.

No-Risk Agreement Structure

We offer a no-risk agreement structure that commits our clients to nothing but a free incentive forecast. The free incentive forecast will present a detailed view of the state incentive programs available for your specific business growth initiative, as well as a realistic incentive award total for each programs presented. This allows our clients to see what incentive programs we will be pursuing on their behalf and more importantly, seeing the incentive award estimates before making the decision to move forward with the project.

Cash Grants

States offer financial assistance programs for projects that promote economic health by facilitating job creation and/or retention, or increased business activity in the state.

Tax Credit or Reduced Tax Payments

Tax relief programs are offered by states for a combination of job creation, facility expansion, business relocation and capital investment initiatives. These tax programs are offered to a wide variety of industries and span multiple years.

Low-Cost or Forgivable Loans

Loan related programs are offered in states for organizations seeking financing to expand their business production, expand the corporate footprint, purchase equipment, inventory, or other working capital. The programs come in a variety of flavors and can be very impactful for businesses looking for funding assistance.